Jo’s Year of Health Pays Off

What happens when you start your fitness journey with a six-week challenge and then commit to a year of health?

This! This is what happened for Transform Hub member, Jo.

Jo before and after joining Transform Hub

3 stone/41lbs/19kilos down

UK 18 down to a 10/12

My tall boots now zip up and no longer feel like compression socks!
A precious ring my daughter gave me now fits
My arthritis has improved
I had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes!

Jo’s changed her whole life in the last 12 months thanks to joining Transform Hub. Here’s what she had to say;

‘I’d been relatively active and then lockdown happened. With arthritis in my knees and a very sedentary office job, I knew for a good six months before joining The Hub that I needed to do something. My auntie had celebrated her 90th birthday and a photo of me at that celebration stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t carry on with my bad habits.’

‘I tried joining a traditional gym at first but hated that. I can’t do much cardio and high-impact training because of my knees. I had loved doing boot camp style training in the past and so when I saw the advert for Transform Hub come up, I thought I’d give it a go.’

Jo before and after joining Transform Hub. Same glasses, slimmer face!

‘Unfortunately on the very same day of my first session, I tested positive for COVID. There was a silver lining though – I lost my appetite completely! It made the nutrition part of the programme and my usual sweet tooth a lot easier.’

‘I lost 13 lbs in my first 6 weeks with the 6 Week Challenge and within the first two weeks after Covid, I really noticed a difference in how I felt. I loved the sessions so much and even though they were hard at first, they were so enjoyable.’

‘Being around like-minded ladies and sharing our struggles was a huge part of the original challenge and what kept me going. When others were upset that their clothes no longer fitted or they had tried and failed to lose weight or just felt plagued with pain, you knew that you weren’t alone.’

‘My fellow Hubettes have been brilliant and a fantastic support network – to get me through the sessions they’ve shouted at me, cajoled me but most of all inspired me. Even after 12 months I still never know what each session is going to be, other than challenging! It is so empowering and as your results come it gets better and better. You’re then there for everyone else and those new 6-weekers, knowing how they felt at the beginning.’

‘I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe since joining the Hub. I’ve gone from a size 18 to a 10/12 in the last year and had no choice but to replace all my clothes. It’s the little things like being able to zip up my tall boots with ease. In fact, I’ve now got room in them, whereas in the past they either didn’t zip up or felt like compression socks, they were that tight!’

‘In January 2023, inspired by my journey, my husband joined MensHub so we now live this healthy lifestyle together which is great. He’s lost 2 stone already in the last couple of months and is feeling better. Although I do keep telling him to eat more!’

Jo looking happy, healthy and glowing thanks to her year of health

‘I have found the Hard Wired supplements to be a real help. Before, I didn’t eat breakfast at all and then would be hungry all day. Now I make a protein smoothie every morning that I can take to work and drink at my desk. The vanilla milkshake flavour is great in smoothies and I love using the chocolate and hazelnut flavour in coffee. It’s my go-to sweet treat when I might still be hungry in the evenings after my dinner.’

‘One other really positive effect of the last 12 months is I can wear a piece of jewellery again that is really special. 10 years ago my daughter bought me a ring for mother’s day and it got too tight so I reluctantly had to take it off. I tried it on again recently and it fits! It is really nice looking down at it as it makes me think of my daughter but also reminds me of how far I have come over the last year.’

‘I am so grateful to the coaches who have been brilliant. I know that if I have questions on exercise or nutrition, no matter how trivial, I can ask any coach and the guidance and help they have given me has been amazing.’

‘My new goals for the next 12 months are to not lose any more weight but maintain my current weight but lose body fat and gain muscle. I plan to do this by progressing with my weight training. I love the LIFT classes for this as the lack of high-impact or cardio means I focus on lifting more than anything. It’s important to get the right technique and I enjoy the challenge of the LIFT club sessions.’

‘My time as a member of The Hub has flown, I can’t believe that it’s been a full year since I started – although a minute on the Ski Erg feels like an hour!’

‘In the last year, I’ve dropped 19 kilos (41lbs, 3 stone) and 3 dress sizes – it hasn’t been easy but with the encouragement and support of the Transform Hub coaches it has been a really fun experience and very worthwhile.’

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